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Monday, August 30

Received from *Serendipity*, Berkeley, CA

*A Curriculum of the Soul #11
Novalis' 'Subjects'*
Robert Dalke

"The strict method is merely study-should not
become printed- one should write only in free,
unbound style for the public, and only the
strict demonstration- the systematic perfection
thereby possess.
One must not write uncertainty etc.,anxious etc.
-muddled, endless- but precise-clear-
solid- with apodictic, tacit suppositions.
-A solidly precise man also makes a beneficent
and decisive and lasting expression.
The scientific style loves the strange word-
therefore not journalistic. Eccentric and concen-
tric constitutions.
(Very changeable-quiet-persistant.)"
Getting upset about a "bad meme" concerning
Aristotle. Now there's *breaking news* I can get with!
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