Distribution Automatique

Monday, November 19


It is intelligent to despise stupidity yet even more intelligent to comprehend it.


The weak respect cunning more than kindness but the cunning know they are more feared than loved. So in time the cunning get weak from loneliness while the kind grow strong with trust.


On My Desk

Benjamin Friedlander, "The Missing Occasion of Saying Yes", Subpress
"Many a wounded category drawn
from portraits of a gotten life
has disabused me of the contact high
I dreamt across on ruined nights"

Renee Daumal, "You've Always Been Wrong", University of Nebraska
"Thorughout their histories, India and Tibet have experienced more than any other land a tremendous abundance of attempts to think. And more than any other land their priesthood has always found a way to appropriate all those manifestations of thought and turn them into vehicles for theocratic power."

Crag Hill and Geof Huth, *sightings and hearings*, pdqp (for their Stain Bar reading, 11/16/07)
"Driving above Palouse river on River road, I rode into another time, Around a bend, I ran nto the low-flying path of a blue heron. It flew high enough for us both to miss, then veered into time before human time, This bird, this flight, this river." (Crag Hill)

"Whenever he wrote something on a pad of paper, he saved only the blank sheets filled with vague indentations." (Geof Huth)

Geof Huth, "Out of Character", Paper Kite
(visual poems: letters that walk, dance, move, writhe, write and thrive)

Brenda IIjima, "Animate, Inanimate Aims", Litmus
"Reminiscent search parties
Their shoulders rustle festive streets
Nocturne slow merges in spurs
Suspicion branches around rose bushes
Collective cries mobilize a movement
Kick over inert signs
Mad rough lineage tied to swords"

Jonathan Lethem, "The Disapointment Artist", Doubleday
"I don't think I was autistic, but like an autistic child I wanted the volume turned down. Though consciously thrilled by the adult lives around me, and the odd but definite privilages my commuinion with their variety had bestowed, I was unconciously seeking hiding places."

Nico Vassilakis, "Text Loses Time", ManyPenny
"Writing a history for
each thing you own.
A framed photo of two
friends. Perhaps
Pennsylvania. On the cycling
team. Date unknown. The
objects that follow
you from one living
situation to another.
And what house do you
recall having no door."

Dana Ward, "The Wrong Tree", Dusie
"You should tell everyone swimmingly!
So much it hurts!
Every year a new holiday day!
& that party!
sleepy eyed Rilke in spiritous bangles!
Thinking elliptically rote thoughts about a concession stand!"