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Sunday, May 6

The Past Refound Rebound or Rebounds: Visitations, Celebrations, Reconstructions, Citations, Quotations

Jacket 32

The Holiday Album: Greeting Card Poems For All Occasions, edited by Elaine Equi, Douglas Messerli's What Is To Be Done, Fitterman's Metropolis deciphered by Gilbert Adair, Joan Retallack on Juliana Spahr and Jonathan Skinner, Jena Osman on Cecelia Vicuna and found art, Michael Gottlieb on flarf and Katie Degentesh's Anger Scale, James Sherry on The Grand Piano, Carolyn Bergvall's The Franker Tale and much,much more



The only things worth being understood in what we say are those things we make clear in what others have said.


Truths about poety are the keys that unlock the cages. You are there to watch the birds fly away and when they go you never think twice about the truth, the keys or the cages,


Freud's Discontents in a Post 9/11 World- "Hail to the Analysand* NY Times Op-Ed