Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, April 21

Got a postcard from Dave Hess who
was visiting the Elvis Presley Museum
in Memphis, Tennessee. He also
mentioned the the Blues Museum in
Clarksville, Miss. It seems that
Howlin' Wolf used to crawl around
on all fours barking like a dog.
Hearing from Dave about 50's rock
stars was amazing to
me partly because the book I am reading
now, *Buddy Holly is Alive and Well
on Ganymede* by Bradley Denton
(I got a signed paperback edition of
this terrific 1989 Science Fiction novel
at Ivy's outside $1 bookshelf
on the Upper West Side) is custom made for 50's
rock and roll freaks like me. Buddy Holly
was one of my favorite stars- I saw
him live playing with the Crickets quite nearby
where I am living now, and where I went to
High School, at the Brooklyn Paramount in 1956.
In the book, Buddy suddenly appears on everyone's
tv set, evidently broadcast from Ganymede, a moon of
Jupiter. Nice bit of time travel. Thanks, Dave!