Distribution Automatique

Monday, December 8

notebook: 5/19/95

killing begets killing
hurting begets hurting
hating begets hating

wanting begets wanting
holding begets holding
touching begets touching
walking away begets walking away

Silent when you walk away
Silent one
In dark absence, a darkness

Even the air is an empty page

Kindness factor

Coming back factor

Rough edges- pages-

Inevitability (follow suit)

surcease (measurable gaps in interpretation)



going sideways (slipping into speed
down the rabbit hole)

lost trail of clues (cues)

rendering the world into a game
becomes the narrative of winners and
losers (loss of childhoood into
adult/oedipal measure)

One size fits all= childhood
adulthood=winners and losers
humor (remembering the shared characters)