Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, May 6

Try not to get annoyed, listening for mistakes (resonances). Another name for memories. Yes, this was to be recognized as a kind of automatic manufacture as well. Phrases that warm, a pestilance to cool. Out of Africa, a way of effacing lack of reciprocity in conversation, polylogue or monologue recommendations notwithstanding. Fatuous, fractions, fecetious, fractions, reflections, confessions. Aspects of the not so novel. What else is new? Speaking in sponge, an entire poetics created out of perverse subversion. (reveals universal reversions) [these three words crossed out] Reviling, reveling, revealing. Something understood is tucked between, is stuffed within, tied in, sandwiched in the corners. Sven strugges.- I don't know him. Who am I? "Freudian sollipsisms" a makeshift enterprise in N. This slips. Out of the- murky, foggy cadences. Stop and another word will start. To be continued like a ladder, "take me to your ladder, I'll see your leader later" lattices, attitudes, rain. Anything revealed behind a smokescreen. The world is enough and is filled with time. Or it is running out of the other side of the question. Which invariably answers itself, the sound of a screaming jet forever in my ears. The distance, a makeover was a series of suggestions soon to be passee.They think and earn themselves a piece of learning. Sky is a kind of tribe incomprehensibly. There is nothing ordinary about it Follows suit, Makeshift attitudes suffice. Nearing the perpetrator eventually. The words translate themselves. Each has a face. Each face has its ludicrous side and is also conspicuously variable in the time it takes to change pens all the facts have been replaced. Alteration is a way of forgetting. This is how each is disguised but in the light of day you can recognize a face and its changing expression. "If a fool would persist in his folly he would be wise." [Incorrect: he would become wise] Don't forget to send one to Joan (of ellipsis) Retallack. Ain't it the truth? Work just creates more work. Don't be upset by the fact that the trickster makes ample use of decoys (the kind of military garb that uses this). The trail leads us right to the entrance. The door is the cover to a dictionary. Follow the faces one to the other like a sleuth. The reader is the suspect in this tale of intrigue, betrayal and mistrust. But even, or perhaps particularly, the violence is nuanced. To have method in your madness you must have madness to your method. Time is a suspect too, as are almost all ideologies. They had their dreamers too, if you wait for your whole lifetime, you will finally do it, but you may not be able to match the outcome with the original intention. As the reader, you are the casting director, not just the projectionist. All's fair in aphorisms and lies. I'm not Haydn so come and get me. Seventeen and forty-two.
What an atrocious understanding that listens without wit.
Always and again, feeding your way into things. they linger, they tango, they thank you, they disregard, they understand. What does it look like? Like, you don't know your own size, the feel of things? You have to get the measure of the pleasure. Feet on the ground, head in the air.
"Head up the ass," you mean.
Who said that?
What is the sound of incomprehension?
"May day, may day, may day." So they say. Does what helps, sound good? Action at a distance in time. At all events cpatured some. *Trances afterwards*.Sounds like what? "MIght have been the water" is what Toni said.
Esimates, roughing out the design captures some. Listening to something not said yet is an echo from somewhere else.
I still can't remember the name of the disguise, its title. Secrets suffice. I can (can't) explain it. Officially, anyway. There are exams to take, I can tell you that much.Monotonous study, tedious accumulation of details. A map. Surrounding all the dishonesty, exposing the fakes. Someone had to be disturbed or confused. Loitering between the sun and the shadows. Making believe, imagining, pretending. "He's pretentious," that one. "Anybody can do that."