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Saturday, May 10

discussed one of my favorite writers
David Markson on Friday, May 9th. Reading Markson is like reading an excellent blog. Here's some snippets from - Reader's Block-

"Nerval once tried to lead a lobster by a ribbon through a public garden in Paris.
Tristan Corbiere did the same with a pig in Rome. In evening clothes.

The necessity is greater than mine
Said Phillip Sidney in passing a drink to a dying soldier while dying himself.

Gottlieb Frege.

The saloon that Protagonist now and again stops in is an Edward Hopper.
Its name in semicircular lettering on the windows. REader sees, viewed backwards from at the bar against wintry late afternoon sunlight.

Hillaire Belloc was an anti-Semite.

John Clare spent his last twenty-three years in an asylym. Not recognizing his own wife. At times claiming to be Byron. Or Nelson at Trafalgar.

No needle marks on your annunciation's arm now.

We do not come to thoughts. They come to us.
Thought Heidegger.

The first translation of a major length for purely literary purposes was a Latin *Illiad*, ca. 250 B.C. by Livius Andronicus.

Sherri Martinelli.

Diane Arbus committed suiced by opening her wrists in a bathtub.

Clare's parents had been illiterate. He himself never revised a line.

I am yet what I am who cares, or knows?
My friends forsake me like a memory lost.
I am the self-consumer of my woes.

In Joseph Conrad's view, there is not a single sincere line, unquote, in *Moby Dick*

Boris Christoff and Tito Gobbi were brothers-in-law.
Richard Tucker and Jan Peerce also.

When Sopocles was nearing ninety, his sons tried to have him declared incompetent. Sophocles won easy dismissal by reading to the jury from *Oedipus at Colonnus.*
Which he was only then finishilng.

David Markson, *Reader's Block* (Dalkey Archive, 1996) p 74-75