Distribution Automatique

Sunday, May 4

Life *in* literature- or the literature of life.

The "off-world colonies"- the off-topic reveries.

Constantly come into a topic slowly, like slowly pushing apart the brush, to eventually spot the quarry (unheard.)

The reader is the detective, the writer is presenting his or her case.The clues are not so much hard to decipher as they are tedious to pay attention to because they are emerging constantly. It is the type of attention required that makes it hard, not the nature of the puzzles which must be unwound by using this intensity of concentration.

(Autobiographical samples. A note to me, to you, or both of us?)

The first time we stayed at David Dramm, Anne Le Barge and Diamonda's place (in Amsterdam) I had not brought much music with me. David, who is a composer, had hundreds of CD's, but not so much classical. I found the Beethoven String Quartets and played most of them constantly.The second trip to Amsterdam I brought a lot of Haydn String Quartets. Shortly after coming back I discovered the Haydn String Quartets and have been listening to them carefully. You can hear where Beethoven got his start.Like all the best composers, Haydn defies classification. The emotional lines are clear, suspend beautifully, and the voicing rarely comes across as mechanical or automatized.

Things resting in their place. Trying too hard to understand something that may not be worth it. Understanding it on the other hand, this issue is often one of an appropiate time or place.

The process in and for itself.

A question of where and how to let thought fit in comfortably.

What opens it up and what closes it.What is an infringement on what. With a bang or a whimper.Like a conversation or a dialogue.things feed into it or don't. Otherwise, they rest. Noticing the small detail. Richard Tuttle said something about optimism. The rage, the fury. Let it slide. The devote themselves. A talon. Swept in in quotes. Don't make the difficult impossible. Who says you can't. Slides in.

Elaboration. At least this one. They corner it, splicing the vastness. Or a blessing in disguise, a blessing in disguise makes time. After the fact. More ways than "in more ways than one." They should. Or should they? Even a reverse is more than one thing, getting up and making (creating) them in disguise. Singing or singing (sin-ging) a planet. How to pronounce it- who leads? - Or make something to understand. Under a narrowing...tendency. Or can make it up (create with) by and for. At last, at least.

Quarters, folded. A siren- attention to the police. Clearing it up, cleaning it up. They cause, or create a tendency, a destiny, a destination. It was, or someone cleared it up. Devil's in the details. Effacing or erasing the crime, the comma a copy, a retroforce in will. Stay alive. Can measure. Up to a force, another kind of connective. Just start and don't stop. Conjunctions, ampersands. A full stop.The rhythmic gestation. Land, ahoy. Name of a detective, reflection of a game. The narrative stretches in. So between, alright of (for) a game. Evidence, or shards, applause or a cause, sanwiched between the present and the past. Pieces of evidence to lead one on, from writer to reader. Under suspicion, under assumption- some pressure, not too much or too little. A slight but of permission.To horny, to slur. Not enough time to compose a vast lie, only time to contrive loitering for a time around an opening. Critics are needed to differentiate, a force for change. Launches an unlistenable diatribe (all hell breaks loose in a whisper). To embed, or notice. That was directly autobiographical, a mistatement. Never enough of anything, let alone appreciation in quotes. Had presented a space to introduce an underwood (underworld). Can resist a pun, is fun. Outside atlantic Atlantic City is a code.

The waves create a mystique. Im (plausible).

They (some) separate themselves.

Is a kind of scrolling web sites in reverse, play it again Sam Daniels. Whose middle age? juxtapositions, an ascension. Captialize on want , gesturing change.

A industry, industrious at for and by repetition.This copy (un)scrolls forward and backwards in reverse.The min(ed) uncovers itself retropregressively curling up inside its travesties. Put that on hold. Transvestites, reader and writer, dressing, addressing, undressing, progressing (a dirty word).