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Thursday, May 8

There has been some discussion lately about amazon.com reviews. "Eddiewat" who I assume is Eddie Watkins, posted this review of my book "Theoretical Objects" a few years ago on amazon.com and I've always liked it. Recently it appeared on my Google pages:

Theoretical Objects by Nick Piombino
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Exploratory Principles Of Pleasure December 1, 2000
Nick Piombino humanizes experimental poetry by demonstrating its fidelity to human experience on fundamental levels and our responses to such experience. No writing can be completely free of ideology, but in comparison to the work of most "LANGUAGE" writing theorists his is refreshingly flexible and open and accepting, with relieving touches of Romanticism and sheer lyricism. I was initially attracted to Mr. Piombino's The Boundary Of Blur (by all means pick it up too if you can find it) because of his linking Surrealism and Debussy and "LANGUAGE" writing into a multivalent optimistic beast whose main requirement of us is that we remain rigorously honest and true to our own experience. Theoretical Objects, for the most part, strikes me as putting into actual practice ideas put forth and illustrated in The Boundary Of Blur. Both are low-key textbooks dedicated to experiential fullness in an increasingly homogenized and unknowingly borrowed world.