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Sunday, May 4

One of the most beautiful books of prose poetry ever is Carla Harryman's "Under The Bridge." I thought of this poem when I renamed Jordan Davis' link here "River Jordan."

Jordan River

"What year is this he asked another on the banks of the river.

But land is not in question here. Only the day. The range of vision. The distance between the mountains behind the lake and the mountains behind the men who face the lake.

The agreed that the river had become a camera, their souls shutters, their faces dim images.He felt absorbed by the water and locked inside a fluid but mechanical body. The other saw himself an old man, dim but no longer nervous, about to die but no longer lost in the habit of pretending calm in the face of other's esteem.

And all around there was barter with those forces. A trading off of materials for another's thought. Over the river he watched the duck hunters."

from *Under The Bridge* Carla Harryman
*This* Press, 1980

Shouldn't this great classic be reissued? Soon?