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Friday, May 9

Grandiosity and the reduction process.

Time is not "relationship" but "relationship within change."
Einstein sees the relativity of time to matter. There is also the relationship of time to change. Where there is no change (pockets of slow change) time seems absent.
Time is change. Heraclitis saw that you can't stop into the same river twice. But Hericlitis is relating time to number or *frequency.* (the same river *twice* and physical reality. But time *is* the river. It's the changing itself that we relate to time. If there is a beginning, there is an end to things. But there is no end to change. Change is changeless, unceasing, eternal. Change is the eternal.

Don't let me ever catch you lying about yourself like this.

Adorno, quoting Valery, in Valery 's -Deviations-:"Unless it's new and strange, every visualization of the world of things is false. For if something is *real* it is bound to lose its reality in the process of becoming familiar. Philosophic contemplation means reverting from the familar to the strange, and in the strange, encountering the real." (v. 14, p 39-40, *Analects*)