Distribution Automatique

Sunday, May 4

Here I am waiting for Jim Behrle to come by so we can head up to Yankee Stadium. If he gets here on time, maybe Uncle Miltie will consent to saying hi to you on -fait accompli-!

Also- thanks to Ron Silliman for mentioning our little blogland park. He left out quite a few bloggers I read everyday but I think everyone has their own list they read, some of which may not be on their "recommended" list. But "short lists" are unhappy things, aren't they? I think they are an artifact of print culture that has to worry about the expense of paper. Hey, no limit on space here, right? All you have to do is check out Muse Apprentice Guild which routinely publishes 600 poets in an issue to see how that works out in cyberspace. Ah, these wide open spaces of blogland!