Distribution Automatique

Saturday, May 10

Three beautiful books received:

Charles Bernstein, *Let's Just Say* (Chax, 2003): "Let's just say that every time you fall you never hit the ground./ Let's just say that when the day ends the night refuses to come/Let's just say that if all else fails you can at least count on that/ Let's just say that a bird in the fist is better than a bird and a foot"

Hank Lazer, *Deathwatch for My Father* (Chax, 2003)
"if the words have value
they have value there too"

Jean Fremon, *Island of The Dead* (Green Integer, 2003)
"Karl's notebood is filled with a very fine handwriting. The notes were discontinuous and somewhat separated by a long horizontal line that cuts across the page from one margin to the other. "