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Friday, March 14

With an impressive and dizzying array of current and historical references, and patience akin to Job's, Ron Silliman thoroughly affirms and expands on his blog today most of the points Charles Bernstein communicates so telegraphically in his recent controversial essay "Enough" (without actually ever mentioning the piece).

Toni just made the point that Miekal And would clearly make a great blogger. Why is he (and some other cool poets) so reluctant about blogging?

Thanks to Laurable for mentioning my piece on blogging and bloggers on the poetics list yesterday.

Why should bloggers worry about an echo effect? If something is interesting, interest can be sustained though quite a lot of repetition. Mainstream media and particularly advertisers abuse that factor, true. But I don't see this effect as a negative in blogland, yet. Think of Gertrude Stein. Echoes and mirroring can be charming or annoying depending on how they are employed.