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Saturday, March 15

Reading- 1)definition 2) visual image
What Freud called an association extend into "associative combinatorial" which includes the other senses. A "memory," for example, may contain visual as well as aural and tactile elements. This "memory" itself may be but a fragment of the associative combinatorial, which synchronistically leans, at the moment of its inception, towards one or the other application to an immediate perception. The "chain of association" or the "stream of consciousness" are linear images which do not confront the complexity of a discrete associative combinatoriala.This is no chain or stream but there is a constant overlay, a continuous sequence of accumulating correspondances which, at the singular moment of time, radiates in all temporal directions, and connects them all.

Literature grows geometrically because there are more connections between words and human beings created every
moment than can be tracked simultaneously.