Distribution Automatique

Saturday, March 15

I keep reminding myself to send a letter and manuscript to Tabor- in England.

If all is mechanical then all change of location (like a gadget) is illusory. It's not that machines are taking over is frightening. It's that the further we get with the machines, the more the already available technology appears less and less necessary. As it is, less and less necessary to move, the body's machinery appears obsolescent- with the frightening realization that we can now create machines which are immortal. But this was a re-realization that "we" are not immortal. But who is this "we?" The boundaries there are blurry too. The technology can rub out "the them" but their technology can rub out "us."

It occurred to me that if someone sent messages back to the past and also received them then- what relation to this interaction would the future have?