Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, March 11

I've lived with time so long as a limiting and controlling reality- that I am weary with thinking of it like this.

I need more images for time. I am so tired of being pushed in front of it, like a child being urged to take its first steps -or like a pet, being dragged along its staccato steps, lurching forward one moment, and then time seeming to drag on forever locked in a room, waiting for its next chance to get out. I can learn to accept a concept of time that is inexorable, leading to one inescapable outcome which awaits all human beings. Of course there is nothing afterwards. Time- more and more no matter what- the end of time- nothing more, no matter what.

Good speech is more a question of when then what.But good writing offers something that transcends time.

[Words- built in time travel.]