Distribution Automatique

Saturday, March 15

A series of essays using "trigger" words as starting points (as in Ponge's use of "objects"). Time (past, present and future). Now -allow for the other starting points to emerge from this one.

As a writer, to some extent I need the exhiliration of letting my thoughts go- there is a sense of "stretched time" in ths (fold-out of chaos?) There is a moral equivalent of muscular freedom and buoyancy in this. Naturally one would expect such an episode of freedom to lead to a period of fatigue and reassessment. The point is to allow for, to comprehend such a doubling. It isn't fully a waste of time to predict the outcome, but here the need for a kind of ordering principle asserts itself. But one must not be too attached to this because it contains only a prediction of a -possible- outcome.