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Tuesday, March 11

Mosaic: placing something there you can feel with your hands.

English: "Proper" leave taking.

The thought "splits" between memory and observation.

Time travel. "In between" type moments where the thought splits. "Timelessness is found in the lapsed moments of perception, in the common pause that breaks apart into a sandstorm of pauses." Robert Smithson- "Incidents of Mirror Travel in the Yucatan."

Space is the remains, or corpse of time.

Concept of emptiness.

later: Now I see that to elaborate a "story" means to not select the details which will happen, but to create an imaginative universe which the mind "maintains"- like a film projected on a screen by means of succession of details.

I never realized that it does not matter how long it takes to arrive at a plan. Plans are so connected to action that in the sphere of action, the plan is, so to speak, the aesthetic aspect of the action. It is capable of being sustained for some length of time, thus refining the action and also creating useful byproducts (artistic materials).


All the details I have to attend to weigh on me more and more heavily. Then, when I have unscheduled time I crave doing nothing, goofing off. This action is actually quite compatible with the wish to write poetry because as an experience, goofing off effects as sense of an intensification of the awareness of thoughts. If it is possible to quiet the aroused superego, a kind of id triumph can prevail, on a mild level. But the 'triumph" can quickly give way to a feeling of "brooding remorse" which is the completion of the wave form cycle: now up, now down. Perhaps this is why I've always wanted a "celebratory" poetry- this is an extention of the wish to sustain the feeling of triumph.

Chidren already contain all but one of the possible expressions: steadiness of purpose.