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Saturday, March 15

I assume Richard Hell would not mind if I quote from his blurb for Guy Debord's book "Considerations On The Assasination of Gerard Lebovici" (now THERE'S a few links for those blog watchers)

"It cannot be said too often and it's never said enough that the mass News-media have low-to-no standards of accuracy whether in relatively minor or peripheral areas of their reporting where their interests may not be obviously at stake (except its in their interests not to go to the expense of bothering to check facts, and to conceal this) or in the larger matters where their prejudices are more apparent. And, as the media leaders know, since all news becomes "old" the moment it's broadcast, most victims of their misrepresentations are at a disadvantage not only because of a power mismatch, but because a protester looks like a fool to be challenging yesterday's papers. But the consequences of the media's irresponsibility and maliciousness are real to their victims..."