Distribution Automatique

Saturday, March 15

Ok, back to my boring drivel about the ads. Reading about Google until almost 4 am. The ads occur by an electronic word scanning of our blogs. Maybe my blog, which has the word "travel" brought about the bland swim suit ads. I also learned there is a group "watching" Google which may lead to some ambivalence about that amazing search engine. A little paranoia there, but who knows. Big Brother may be tracking you! Go to Google and check out "Google Watch." The thing is, if google links to google watch how paranoid could they be? Anyway, check it out, all very interesting in these neo-McCarthy times. I'm thinking an amazing James Bond movie set in cyberspace.

Another interesting link is google blogdex- the weblong diffusion index- google that one! Supposedly subscribing gets you some cool crawl. Let's see what happens- I'm not the type to check my hit count anyway (too lazy to do the techie work). Hey, Laurable! How many hits am I getting?