Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, March 12

Jim Behrle took some requests for his b-side postcard poems on his blog the other day. One of the poems, dedicated to moi is now published on his blog site with its ever-changing name- but stable and unforgettable address:kickthepodium.blogspot.com. I appreciated this, Jim. A lot.

Thanks to Sandra Simonds for linking to my site, to Joe Massey for sending me a new poem based on an aphorism by Porchia posted here yesterday, and to Stephanie and Laura for their kind words and support. Notice new links to Andrew Mister and Sandra Simonds.

Dismayed about the ever- increasing combative tone in blogworld. Isn't this what many of us disliked about the atmosphere on the Buffalo poetics list in recent months- even years? It takes only an extra moment's thought to critique someone's work with a degree of panache and basic human respect for your opponent. C'mon- leave some scraps for the buzzards, guys, you don't have to cannibalize every last morsel of your victims.