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Friday, May 30

from ululations... Nada Gordon

(7:15 AM ) Nada  
On the Rasa

This Daumal text, in part a translation of a translation (from Sanskrit via French), really illuminates the idea for me, particularly in regard to poetry....

Earlier, the same text asks,

What, then, ultimately is poetry?
Poetry is a word whose essence is savor.

We will now explain the meaning of "savor". Savor is "the essence" in terms of the substantial reality. That is to say, savor is the life itself of poetry, without which there is no poetry. "Savor" (rasa)is, etymologically, that which is "savored" (rasayate). The term includes savor-emotions and savor reflections....

The faults are that which veil it (poetry).

The faults, cacophony, superfluous words, are analogous to infirmities, e.g. blindness or lameness, which affect (the person) through (the medium) of his own body: they affect (the poem) through sounds and meanings....

The virtues, ornaments, and allures are called "agents of construction."

from double visions of Johanna

Phone call from my impostor. This and that. Eavesdrop:

"But poetry is much more than logic," she said.
( Muffled noise.)
"It's more than language," she insisted.
( )
"More than philosophy."
"More than science."
"More than death."
"More than imagination."
"More than love."
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