Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, May 28

No longer possible------------

--------past hurricane "aids" earthquake rocket crash future------------

"event comet going through the fabric of current space-time"

---------------no longer possible

common properties: Something ordinarily stable, expectably invulnerable, becomes vulnerable (loose and less resistant in its structure)

1) The air wall "caving in" to the hurricane

2) The earth "giving way" to the earthquake

3) The bodies of the ill people :giving way" to the disease

4) The ship's balance of systems gets jostled by something it ordinarily could fend off

If the particles lose confidence in the structure, they will pull apart, leaving the texture with "holes" that "allow" potentially destructive forces to penetrate the protective shell. the particles overall belief in the structure governs in the past, this unified movement- (Hofstadter's concept in which things suddenly all go a different way- I don't remember how to spell it? Sphexish- or something like that).

When the particles lose trust (Reagen's 60 Minutes, Alexander Cockburn article)- the texture fragments- the trust builds up the ladder- this is why for centuries people have believed in faith in God- something about space-time responds to faith- because something about space-time gathers momentum towards the idea that what we believe about the world is *authentic*- when doubt is vanquished, the universe holds together. Doubt rises, llike a tide. To stay above it, you need only follow it with one lazy eye- forget to do that and fate might land right on top of your head.

The multiplicity of this book is partly a source of excitement. Then again, it seems spineless- unfocussed. The romantic is needed to spur multiplicity- which is dangerous because faith becomes less and less available.

The bottom line is- predicting is not controlling- to sense the tide is coming can only help by letting you know how to use it-

*Nothing* is totally predictable.

In order to be considered worthy of receiving the final bit of information- one might have been considered worthy-This, in itself, must have been prepared for, in some way. *This* is why one h as to be *involved* with what one does. Otherwise you'll not be considered worhy of the outcome. An outcome, considered inauthentic, is ultimately not considered real- and thus is deprived of any actuality.

Therefore, many things having no intrinsic power over anything else- even of themselves- have such a power- this must be rejected.

(Consider a book as a series of cryptic remarks, meta-memories and *instructions* and advice- this is an aspect of Stevens' poetry).