Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, May 27

1/23/86 Soundings of the Ordinary/Actual

It is in the abstract universe
that difficulty with (the) enactment
takes place.

"Nothing" is stopping you.
"It" takes too long.

All that I said about inspiration
was wrong. Minus that.
"Then" you weren't listening.
The Minotaur didn't have a name yet.

Things are so gentle in the sunlit
island of entitlement. All that you
breathed one could call birds (or "boids.")

"Scudder" or something like that.
Enticements of the interval.
Rhythm is "something wrong."
Merits of the literal.
You accept that something is yet to happen.
(a cinch))
or, a conch
to spare (explode)

Proximity is All
On this certainty
Atoms are built
What slips between...
Wraps itself
in (title) calm...(call him) (colon)
"Call Collect" a memory-
representation of something else
in the same way that "space"
"needs" "time" to happen in
and things "need" intervals
to separate them so much
All enlarges itself to the scale
tht time starts to be experienced
in proximate values
Intervals are characteristic

Such is the literal
why words change scale
such is the social (lower class-caste-case-)

The poor (treated) like animals- more smells, more work, experiences slow, dull, interminable, filled with desperation, envy, rage, remorse

The sound of a brush scaping again and again across a canvas
Sing,will you!
Or be not abandoned and alone.
:Less than a year ago, a lot of slipping
and sliding, scrapping and shaking.
Vitamin C.
Mathematics, physics, philosophy of science.
Names and names of things.
Things across a river. Rustling,
gathering points towards...

Safety...the airlines whose...
whose blimps...
poor animals in a rut
tighten, tighten
"don't disagree!"

isolates hardly ever
happen (bracelets...forgiven)

figment, fragment
more meant

Wait: things seen as other than things
where all the owners are distant,
and cranky and difficult

Dear Publisher: I will try to back my poem safely into your magazine:
I am not entwined.
I am innocent (interest)

I have applied Before.
(Forest tumbles.Type tree-
harlow's, harry's out- type glum
Fair St.)
She maybe never tasted such futurity,
Striped and grim,
F sharp minor, petrol fumes