Distribution Automatique

Monday, May 26


9 months of no writing in this book. The articles for L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E- finished. More like a death- a reversal of the cycle. None months to die.

Melodramatic. I just had another thought about language. Memory is lexical (crossed out with questionmark added). To see a sign is a reminder.

2) To see specific printed letters is a reminder of (1)
1) original "meaning" or set of associations

1) original "meaning" or set of associations
2) later associations when the script is again (noticed/seen/remarked)
3) The "original" reading experienced as "meaning"
a) the rereading establishes a net of associations
b) the set of associations
4) the later associations reminders of associations to experiences

Dependence> independence
closeness> distance
self> other

You felt what you felt-
why should you say to yourself that these feelings brought about a specific reaction i somebody else?

anger provokes anger

But to say that means to say that what you feel was caused by some previous interaction

My love for you is not what makes you love me
My hate for you is not what makes you hate me