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Sunday, June 15

The Sunday, June 15th -fait accompli-(((((HOT)))))(((((BLOG)))) Bloglink Crush List is divided into four features:

First:* Blogwatch* (These Blogs Just In): They've Caught Our Eye and They Are (((((HOT)))))

Second:(((((Favorites))))): We read these every day: (((((HOT))))) Selections from previous Crush Lists

Third: (((((Bloglink Achievement Crush List))))): Our first choice in a new list of ongoing blogs that are, for -fait accompli- moving beyond Crush into (((((MORE)))

Fourth :Our Sunday, June 15 (((((HOT)))))(((((BLOG)))))Crush List

New Bloglink Crush List Feature: Blogwatch (These Blogs Just In)

These blogs are ((((HOT)))) and are new and exciting to us:

*~Aimee Nezhukumatathil's gila monster~*

Heaven...Mairead Byrne

Polis Is Eyes...James Cook

Whiskey River

Dumb Monkey

Solipsistic Gazette


Caveat Lector

Keep Trying

Harlequin Knights

The Nightjar: A Logbook...Jean Gier

Zazie's Zone

this Public Address 3.0

Yoo Doo Right...Mike County