Distribution Automatique

Thursday, April 17

You couldn't fight your way out of a paper universe.

Am I suspect for trying to live in a melodic world? Melodies are all I have left after so much dissonance- another way of looking at things.

I am really going against you (k)now. A possible bit more leaves plenty of room for doubting.

When the need comes too frequently to resurrect, we begin to suspect that the subject is dead already and we are repeating the story to sustain a picture of the originating source of energy. So that even the worlds that accompany the picture, that help to form it, contain great force.

But such force continuously leads the mind back to the dead subject itself, thus the mental circuit remains caught in a syllogistic form of harmonic, resonant values: built into resolving chords, all the particulars needed to form a picture of the melodic values.

Whole melodies show us over and again an imaginary picture of the process of origination. We are aroused to this by an immediate apprehension of an end in sight. All of this is built on the opening chord. The beginning sparked an end in sight, we are now positioned to look at as a totality the fragments in between.

Nothing in the male (divergence-diversions). An empty box.

I guess I've had- for the time being- enough of all the "official" aesthetics and religions. I need a wider latitude for speculations in order to enjoy living.