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Thursday, April 17

Cori, I knew in a few minutes of looking at Carla's "Gardener of Stars" that there was nothing in it right now for Julia, and actually I never thought I would find something. It seemed like an opportunity to look at Carla's work in the context of thinking of poems for Julia. Carla is doing something else with the idea of the childlike in writing I haven't been able to fathom or decipher so what you had to say about this was very interesting to me. Do you like Carla's "Under the Bridge"? Some of my favorite prose poems are in this book. Anyway, that's why I typed in the Ceravolo poems for Julia. I guess Jonathan's going to read some Ceravolo to her now.

Right now I'm more interested in your conversation with Stephanie about that screenplay. Curious about the Gaitskill book you mentioned also.