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Tuesday, April 15

Never have I felt more misunderstood in my entire life than today. God bless Stephanie Young for somehow commenting on these discussions and not getting embroiled in them.
posted by David at 5:42 PM

says David Hess.

Yes, but in one moment you'll have us all charmed and laughing. Excellent point about Stephanie Young

Hey Stephanie- whose collecting the Pom-Pom rejects? I've got a few I'd love to get rid of!

What's all this stuff about Fallarfle? Are you guys into vegetarian Middle Eastern? I think Jim Behrle eats mostly take out Chinese food. Toni thinks Flarf might be more like Matzoh Farfel, you take pulverized matzoh and fry it up with eggs.

Listening to Ben Yarmolinsky's opera right now about tax day April 15th- terrific duets with computer "Fred" voice and soprano on WNYC.