Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, April 16

1. He learned quickly that simply to wait a bit, to pause, meant to let time stream like a raging torrent over the largest imaginary detail.

2. For you, I imagined an ocean. This was after she confessed her pain- O, don't cast this away. Bits and flecks.

3. (At the edge of closure.) Piss and eyelashes. Renegade son. Renegade nose. Pince-nez- the price of too-early fame. Eyes first giving way (watch this) then seize the moment, *cart* it out.

4. Belonging (s). Just one. Anastasia, anaesthesia, or, listen:-gulls, foam, mask, ash. Thus protect us from an angry face (Let the ashtrays slide over-Collect-Zero).

5. Triumph/torment/trimethylamide