Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, April 16

-fait accompli- must be the luckiest blog in the world to have a friend like adorable Laura of "A Laurable Log." For about a week her email has been down so she's been unable to put up my new links. OK-here comes a confession- actually a boast- Laurable is the official "administrator" of my blog- check out your blog info- you can appoint an adminstrator- who can go into the insides of your blog whenever they want! But who would want to? Laura keeps threatening to teach me how to do my own links but this is when I go into my Forrest Gump imitations. That ain't NEVER gonna happen, Laura, NOT EVER. (See how dumb I am, Laura, I don't even know that caps means yelling!)

Anyway, in addittion to great bloggy stuff like "Little Shirley Bean" (Corina Copp, who auditions for stand-in parts for operas, among other things, and gets teased by her famous writer friends for having a blog, and attends a dance class with Parker Posey), there is the brand-new Bloggety Blog Blog, from the charismatic, mysterious world traveler Katy Degendesh, as well as the Skeptic who actually reads lots of recent poetry classics and openly admits it, and the entire, huge text of a recent, very complete, very complex, and very fascinating and useful discussion around some ideas of Barrett Watten's about language and war, and other things, that seems to have raised quite a ruckus (among the usual suspects) bloggers, listees and others- linked here as "Circular's Comments" in the Poetry Sites section. Links to your left, please.