Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, April 16

Let's start a poetry blog dead pool. Who's weblog will be next to push up daisies? Enjoy and benefit from the misfortune and frustration of others with these current odds on the following blogs lasting another 30 days:

Jordan Davis 5-1
Stephanie Young 5-1
Nick Piombino 4-1
Josh Corey 4-1
John Erhardt 5-2
David Hess 3-1
Kasey Mohammad 3-1
Drew Gardner 3-1
Ron Silliman 3-1
Eileen Tabios 3-1
Sandra Simonds 2-1
Jim Behrle Even Money

Wager often and heavily. Note: blog must be dead, not un-updated. Dead = embarrassing goodbye note that will be difficult to take back and will make everyone adjust their links (see Mister, Massey, Tijuana, etc.) No insider betting allowed, punks.
Jim 11:25 PM

That from Jim Behrle. When blogs make me laugh out loud hysterically in the middle of the night, they must be doing something right. Jim! Stop pissing people off! But don't stop being so funny!