Distribution Automatique

Thursday, April 24

Uncircle The Wagons

pattern and
There's nothing
like you did
before, fumbling
for your keys,
thoughts, words
ideas, greetings,
papers, hopes.
Hear, don't
listen. Screw
the lecture $,
forget your plans.
Tear up the tickets,
turn off the radio
t.v., stove, lights,
doubts. Now
Confuse, don't
use. Pattern
all wet, don the
device, let the
words unravel,
lower the
lead. It's
clearly unclear
now, you've
loosed it, you've
tossed it.
Savor, don't
save, linger
don't leave,
delve, don't
decide, forget
don't fortify,
roam, don't
reveal, loom
don't follow,
hold, don't
hurry, stay,
don't stand,
bend, don't
seem, don't
send, sing
don't announce,
imply, don't
invite, don't
obey, contradict
don't correct,
caress, don't
convey- but
all is water
all is air,
all is time
all is gone,
all is felt
all is closed
all is spent
all is splattered
all is spleen
all is forgiven.
Don't be dreary,
demand, don't
demand, dream
don't dream, decide
don't evolve, revolt,
don't revolt, review.
Find the morning
Find the morning
Find the morning