Distribution Automatique

Saturday, April 26

I listened to a couple of audioblogs Jim Behrle made on the way to the group reading at MIT, which is apparently going great. Cori Copp basically refused to say much and so did Miles Champion and another friend of Jim's, who is doing something there with paint. Cori told Jim audioblogs are "corny" but I think she is being shy, as is Miles. I wish you guys would think of us bloggers out here who feel left out and this is our only chance to physically hear what is going on. I wish Miles or Cori, Mitch or Sam Truitt, or someone up there will read us some poems on an audioblog or at least talk to us. So I called Jim who had kindly left his phone number on his blog last week- which is how I called him at 7 am in Arizona and somehow he didn't mind! Jim called me back and said he would try harder to get some of these poets to audioblog for us. Hey, we're out here and waiting and willing to listen! Don't be shy. We love you!

My relationship to blogging is reaching critical mass (what is "critical mass?") What I mean is, not only am I blogging all the time, or reading blogs all the time, and responding to them, but now I am writing about blogging, emailing about blogging. pretty much thinking about blogging all the time and talking about it with anyone who will listen (if, in fact, there is anybody left who will still listen). What can I say? I am in love. Blogger, I'm your fool, your pet, your slave. Do what you will with me! I'm yours, utterly and completely.