Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, April 23

Jack Kimball discussed our phone call yesterday on his blog Pantaloons. He told you what I said but he didn't tell you what he said. I hope he won't mind if I mention he is the owner of a coffee shop called "Taste" in Newton, Mass right near Bob and Beryl's place in Arlington. I was sorry that my inept attempts to retrieve my emails up there led to getting Jack's letter late and so there was no time to visit his place. I might have gotten a free cup of coffee. But instead I heard all about what I think will be a terrific article coming out in the next "Poetry Project Newsletter" edited by Nada and Gary. His article covers the issue of a poet's career, a topic dear to my heart. We also talked, among other things, about Lytle Shaw's terrific "Lobe" which I happened to have brought up to Arlington with me, along with Stephanie Young's terrific ms.tentatively titled "Telling The Future Off."