Distribution Automatique

Monday, April 21

Laura and Jordan both linked -fait accompli- today but when you click on these links you get a dead end street at Blogspot. Laurable, who is eternally and forever adorable, is the only one who will ever figure this out. Blogspot, you are chock full of charming kinks but I love you anyway!

Beryl has "airport" so I'm blogging at a table on their cool new deck facing the backyard now in warm, bright sunlight, with Michael, Bob (Beryl's husband) and Toni and we're listening to Jimmy Hendrix- Michael's favorite (this guy is 18, remember!)

Ah, Henrix on the blues, Jordan, what do you think of that? What was all that on your blog about Rush?

I agree wth what David said about blogging : of it but not in it, or was it in it, but not of it? Blogging is so flexible and elastic!

Jim, hey, I know Toni is going to want to go straight to the train station from here tomorrow. Are you on vacation this whole week here? Not going to work tomorrow? What time do you arrive? What are you doing in Arizona, anyway?

Mike just put an early hip-hop tape on.