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Wednesday, April 23

Still debating with myself the ultimate meaning of "bad login." I see this as a suggestive mistake, and read it as if it were a tarot spread or an i-ching reading. But I'm not going to let this stop me. Corina Copp has written to me and lets say, strongly suggested I announce my upcoming reading at the Ceres Gallery. I guess I should since she thought it was happening tomorrow. And I'm hoping she will come!

I hope you all won't think I am blatantly careerist. Sorry to all my friends who live far away, which is a good proportion of you bloggers. But anyway...

Poets for Choice
A Benefit fo Planned Parenhood of New York
April 25 7:30 p.m.
Coordinated by Corinne Robins and Carol Goebel

Rachel Levitsky
Nick PIombino
Jerome Sala

Suggested donation $8.00

Cere Gallery 584-88 #306
New York 10012 (212)226-4725

Hope you can come!