Distribution Automatique

Saturday, April 26

9.5 Affinity between blogs based on when and where they are written? I know Jordan, Jim and I all write from work. I think Katie does too. Drew? Kasey and Jonathan I imagine in offices piled high with papers and notes and books. Maybe I am drawing in a pipe for one of them to smoke while they blog. It's a cartoon pipe. Kasey is puffing away on a cartoon pipe. Julia writes from home. Joe D from home. The skeptic: I don't know. Nada: home AND work? Gary - the same? Cori Copp's a mystery. Eileen, somewhere close to the wine cellar. Home. Nick: home, and very very late. Catherine and James from home, I'm sure of it. Catherine, during the day, because she works nights. James, nights, b/c he's in school during the day. David, where: at home. David, when: any freaking time of night or day praise the lord! Jack: I couldn't tell you. Same for most of the others, no direct psychic hits or details forthcoming on when and where.
(Stephanie Young)

(She calls it: "Well Nourished Moon")

Very late, indeed, Stephanie. Check this out: