Distribution Automatique

Monday, April 21

I guess Stephanie didn't like the sound quality of my audblogs. I know what she means. I thought these were pretty good considering the primitive method used- putting a phone in front of a speaker!- the poor sound quality of audblogs and their brevity have kept me away until now. I thought the music box one was kind of nice, sort of suggesting an old or partly broken toy, and how the memories of childhood never come through that pure and clear, but often in hesitant fragments and flashes. I also liked the idea of introducing Michael's music along with my mini-review of his cd. Anyway, Stephanie's been so nice so many times to me and
-fait accompli- she can easily afford to complain about something she didn't enjoy.

I hope she won't mind if I mention that we've been working on a postcard project together this month. She's told me some are on the way, but I've been away and I haven't seen them yet. I'm hoping our project -my group to be tentively titled "Uncircle the Wagons"- will be published as a chapbook in the attractive series of postcard books that include one by Stephanie and Cassie Lewis and another by Stephanie and Del Ray Cross.