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Wednesday, April 2

Thanks to Brandon Barr for posting a visualization of an idea I had for a blogger button for him. He thought the button was a smart idea and he is clearly a very smart guy. The idea went back to a maxim he presented many months ago on the Buffalo poetics list; something like lists proceed by contention, blogs proceed via consensus. I liked that idea so much I tried to get further discussion going on the list. But Brandon is so neat and techie perhaps a lot of shoot from the hip types don't respond to his knowledgeable ideas about cyberspace communications.

And my sincere thanks to Brian Kim Stefans for saying some very kind words about me on his blog -Circulars- (comments section). -Circulars- is certainly one of the most useful and interesting blogs available and is very widely read. Stefans' comments emerged in the context of a vital and productive discussion going on there around some of Barrett Watten' s political theories concerning language of great concern to poets in a time of war. There was also some response to thoughts about issues of contention among poets discussed recently in these pages. Brain also said he thought -fait accompli- might now be getting about 50 reads a week.The issue of number of reads certainly appears to be a provocative area of concern for bloggers. Brandon Barr commented recently on the poetics list he feels that numbers might not necessarily be a key issue in blogging. He feels who you audience is might be more important concern in what it is you might want to continue foucusing on in communicating as a blogger.

Speaking of numbers. It turns out that Caterina, who has been blogging since 1999 gets in the neighborhood of 2000 hits a day. She says that blog audiences evolve over time. Well, I think it also might have something to do with charm also because her blog has plenty of that!