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Thursday, April 3

In every discrete experience can be read the full boundaries of contemporary experience.

Given the fact, that in this century a rat has been set loose, is it no surprise that a connoisseur of experience should, upon encountering some ambiguity, say to her or himself "Let me smell this first?" Does she not jump, lightfooted, around those shores that would fasten her to the "whole earth" of property? When to own property comes to be twisted into joining those who would kill and maim?

Too strident. I myself do not trust such pronouncements. Let me go to the deep shade of my own precious fragments and laugh- and tremble- with my mate.

Fate deals new combinations and keeps us honest .Which is to say fate itself, in its "random" (=inclusive character)
will forever remind me of what I've forgotten.

The mind must face this way or that.

Ethical survival needs mobility of awareness.

Fate reminds us of absolute measure.

If fate= light, the absolute= 186,000 miles per second per second.
(Khlebnikov, and Jacobson, Freud and ---------------------------)

Theorists neeed numbers, whether scientific or not, and this is because without measure, theory has no current application. Thus, any "metaphysician twanging in the dark" (Stevens) has recourse to a metrical scale from time to time.

Art= contemporary measure of freedom.

Return the provisional quality of meaning. Hold to the part, not to the whole. Survey the whole (holy=wholly)

To come close to the source of the imagination is to come close to the source of deception. In this "magic" realm one must learn to step lightly. This "dance" is also a good way to deal with dead ends.

Nick,n. the Devil, Satan: usually Old Nick
nick, v.t.
1. to make a nick or nicks in
2. to score or tally by means of notches.
3. to cut through or into.
4. to strike or catch at the exact or proper time, to hit, guess, grasp, etc. exactly
5. (a) to catch off guard; (b) to trick; cheat; defraud (slang)
6. to arrest; to nab (British slang)

Nick, N. (from the verb)

1. a small notch or slit;
especially, a small
cut, indentation, or chip on the
edge or surface of wood, metal,
china,, etc.
2. any of certain winning throws or casts in a game of dice
3. a channel cut in the bottom of a printing type.
4. a tally or record kept by notching something

in the nick of time: at the critical moment

plumb line,
1. a line directed to the earth's center of gravity
2. a cord suspending a lead weight, or plumb,
used in sounding and determining a vertical direction



Resonance: starting with a small vibration, other proximate objects respond, and a momentum eventually gets established. The response is "harmonic" in that it echoes and frames the original event.