Distribution Automatique

Saturday, April 5

The endless circle of time vs. practice vs. reading vs. writing- isn't this all transference also? One is always robbing me of the other- I'm not against literary life for being so slow- it's me that stops me from writing- it's me that robs me of time.

Because of the discontinuous nature of attention, the obvious frequently "disappears"-"The Emperor's New Clothes."
So, the most energy-producing way to confront this issue is to more and more find areas of connection- I need more bridges between my varioius roles.

I constantly want to break away from what I experience as the oppressive conditions inherant in any circumstance. This comes from being motivated artificially- towards pleasure. The true revolutionary wants the social reality to be more just, not necessarily more pleasurable. One disregards a chasm at one's own risk- this is certainly where attention comes in. Perception is capable of feeling proximate actuality before knowing it. Directing attention to this can spark awareness of the contours of an otherwise invisible (impenetrable) actuality.

The point about Heisenberg's statement about discontinuity and language that is most interesting is that to discover some new perpective about actuality invariably brings with it a revived awareness of the "prison house of langugage"- or, in Jacobson's terms, the arbitrary characteristics of the sign. This is extremely anxiety-provoking in that our sense of security is greatly dependent on our unthinking confidence in the equivalence of thought and experience. When discontinuity shows itself here, we feel -the "centre will not hold." The complexity of the relationship between our inner picture of reality and the contours of the actualities our senses are attempting to encompass.

Later: the poet as aristocrat of perception (reading Cesaire). Hedonist of exprience and knowledge.