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Friday, April 4

1. inspection or superintendence.
2. Watch or observation kept over a person, especially one under suspicion or a prisoner.

Survey- (French sur- , over and old French veoir, to see, from Latin super over and vidare, to see.)

1. to overlook, to inspect or take a view of, especiallly in a general or a comprehensive way.

(Everything we send out comes back to us- and everything we receive we send out.)

Words keep reversing themselves. Overlook used to mean, to look over and now it means
1. to look at from above
2. to give a view of from above
3. to rise above
4. to look over or beyond and not see; (1) to ignore, neglect
5. to pass over indulgently; to excuse
6. to inspect
7. to oversee, supervise, manage
8. to bewitch by looking at
synonym- condone, disregard, supervise, inspect, survey, review, pardon, forgive.

So the word includes a reversal of its own meaning where to look at comes to mean to ignore.

2. to see;; to perceive (obs)

This is somewhat funny to me. To actually see and perceive becomes an obsolete aspect of a word which is originally intended to mean, just that. By the time we reach meaning 3

3. to examine carefully with reference to condition, situation or the like, with a view to ascertaining the precise state or value of, to inspect or consider carefully

-we are demanding more in our use of the term, we are asking for a more detailed report which incudes an internal judgement. With the 4th meaning, the word takes on a far more technical application, with interesting applications to what is considered real (the earth itself is the bottom line-)

4. to determine the boundaries, form, extent, area, position, contour, etc, of a tract or area of land, by means of linear and angular, and the application of principles of geometry and trigonometry.


Could you turn up the radio so that I can hear that indeterminate chord better?


Over and over I come back to will and willing.This awareness connects to my imaginings, my desires for change. But that theme constantly points me back to specifics. Will- the generating force (the form)- actions, the particular links of the chain, the specifics.