Distribution Automatique

Saturday, April 5

Review of Ron's book- "The Age of Hoots." Also read "Sunset Debris." Very lyrical once I latched onto it. A "street" song. The "ring' of honesty (Whelan too)- I like that very much.

Gradually, the pointy spikes of time begin to smooth a bit, but you never get fully used to the world assuming a strange disguise in the face of any- even the most realistic- expectations. In a face shines infinite understanding, total sensitivity to every nuance of my frutstration. Clearly, any passing through would demand the lightest of steps. In the middle of a hot July afternoon, a dog takes a leak, looking around in an embarassed kind of way. For a moment, even the grandest dilemma is assured the possibility of relief, because of a dog's expression. But the day continues, my preoccupations continue, the moon gradually becomes full. And you can bet I'm looking forward to visiting the bakery. Now things are beginning to get less eerie, in spite of the fact that nothing replaces money. "Nothing replaces anything, Jack." Oh, you know what I mean.

Blake- to learn the language of art- copy forever. Toni- "To read painting you must read paintings."