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Sunday, March 30

I am jealous of all these techy bloggers. I’m still stuck at cut and paste. Damn!

Laura says she’s going to teach me do my own links.

No, Laura, I’m not ready. No!

To see who is linking to the Laurable dot com Log search for link:www.laurable.com/log. Google your blog today!
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Sunday, March 30, 2003
do you ever wonder how people get to your blog? here are some of the things people typed into google to get to my blog:
poems of thanks
cute crush poems
anti-war songs
poems on abduction
american poems taking the piss out of Iraq (!!!)
poems on pulleys
pro-war songs, poems
poems on low income
poems entitled flying about birds

among others
posted by sandra 3:47 PM
Sandra’s Poems

Sunday, March 30, 2003
I figured out how to record a voice mp3. I just record on audio track for a non-existent digital movie using my imovie program, then open up itunes, find the audio track, somewhere on my hard drive, and convert it to an mp3. Then I can burn a cd directly off of itunes.

posted by Jonathan Mayhew at 11:45 AM