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Monday, August 9

This just in:

Shanna Compton (Brand New Insects)
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announces she is
editor and assoc.
publisher of Jerome Sala's new
book out soon from Softskull Press
Martin Tamny, the philosopher,
many years the chairman of the
Philosophy Department at CCNY,
likes to tease us about our excitement
about coincidences. Can't resist
mentioning that today, when I received
two books by Ray DiPalma from
*Serendipity Books*, Berkeley,
Ca (*Between the Shapes* and
*Clinches*, both published in
1970) I ran into Ray nearby
where he lives, near Columbia
U, not having seen him in a long
while. Many have been asking me,
where he's been, and I just found
out he's been having a health
problem which had him off
his feet for awhile, but he's much
better now.

From *Between The Shapes*:

*In the heart's tent
Not looking for something to do
But looking to do it right"

from *Clinches*

"Tired of sentiment
we read "the Ancient Mariner"
and rehearse the illuminations
we'll later forget"
By the way, a new long
poem by Ray is out right now on
Verse {click here}


Among some other
books received today
from *Serendipity:

Jordon Davis
*A Little Gold Book*

"Encouragement. The precipice of history
Awaits! Rigor shouts "Feel!"
But it is a suede of yourself."
George-Therese Dickenson


the Pacific Ocean
cars on Grant St.
bus stop at Castro
a woman with henna hair descends the steps
and moves to the park

saxophone notes rise on air"