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Thursday, August 12

Although his vision is often dark,
I still like the poems of William Bronk.
Received from *Serendipity*
*The Empty Hands*:

"The Failure To Devise A Better World

If failure is what you mean to call it, it's the mind,
I suppose, that fails, but what a word. It fails
by succeeding. A sneaky triumph. The mind spies
upon itself and sees its subterfuge,
its feints and camouflage, its helpless flank.
It always defeats itself at tic-tac-toe.
Quite true, it doesn't win...
But the heart is hopeful..."
A sore throat and a cold today.
Not fun, but it gives me an excuse
(as if I needed it) to lose myself
in books...(and blogs and websites)
Nada Gordon concludes this lively, revealing
and thoughtful interview in Jacket (23)
with the pleasures of blogging
Tom Beckett
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