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Friday, August 13

Seeing It Through

Geof Huth's critical, visual, aural and conceptual translation
(to be more precise, interpretation) of David Nemeth's
homophonic translation project (a la C. Bernstein and B. Mayer)
(including audblog readings of his own contribution)
right now on
dbqp Visualizing Poetics {click here}
Politics in a Froth

Maryanne Shaneen (Froth) {click here}
offers an update on the protest march planned
re: the Republican Convention
Thanks for the Memories

Some cool jazz riff poetry collages by Jonathan Mayhew
just right for a summer day on
Bemsha Swing {click here}
Keep 'Em Coming

Alex Cumberbatch's *Piece in 940 Parts*
exzentrick libretti {click here}