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Thursday, August 19

Received from *Serendipity*, Berkeley, CA:

*Shadows of the Sun:
The Diaries of Harry Crosby*
edited by Edward Germain
Black Sparrow, 1977

from "1924, June

15. Words: arctic, absurd, bleak, barbaric, coarse, crude, chaos, couch,
desolate, defenceless, disconsolate, disillusion, envenomed, emerald,
embers, entangled, fragrant, feudal, fragment, gnarled, gracious, grandeur,
hazardous, hawk, heraldic, illustrious, illusion, icicle, irresolute,
iimpregnate, idolatry,ineffectual, imaginative, knight-errant, labyrinth, littleness,
loveliness, loyalty, legend, lurid, leviathan, medieval, mysterious,
mushroom, macabre, merciless, massacre, nostalgia, noon, nakedness,
obolete, orchid, overarch, owl, oasis, primeval, posterity, perfume, pagan,
phantom, pool, pronged, peacock, python, provocative, preposterous,
pregnant, quaint, quagmire, quarry, queenliness, royal, refractory,
restrengthened, remote, reverberate, ruin, rust, rocking-horse, stronghold,
sacred, sunnygolden, sadness, skeleton, sunembroidered, Sun, smoke,
softness, seer, sorceress, shipwreck, stallion, steppingstone, turquoise,
tapestry, tempest, turbulent, tea-chest, toadstool, tigress, thrust, tortoise,
traceried, triumphant, unfrequented, unmuzzled, urn-shaped, untangled,
unicorn, unquestioning, uncoffined, unchaste, unanswered, unchallenged,
virgin, vampiric, vagrant, veil, vastness, vagueness, weariness, wistful,
wagon, watch-fire, wayward, yoke, youngness, yield, zodiac."